For Hire; A New Sustainable Method for Furnishing your Home or Work Space

In this constantly changing world of interior design, practising ethical methods for purchasing furniture, to create our ultimate dream home or work space, can seem like an endless challenge.  We all have that vision on how we want our homes and work spaces to look and are constantly bombarded with information on products and styles on how to achieve it.  Well now there is an exciting alternative, renting furniture.  Shockingly, within the United Kingdom 22 million items of furniture are thrown away each year, which unfortunately, the majority ends up in landfills, this far from sustainable.

Luckily, you can follow the of trend of the fashion industry.  You can hire designer clothing from an array of online clothing rental websites.  Harth is a UK company, which now provides a similar service.  Harth’s service includes the hire of designer furniture, lighting, accessories and art. 

Who are they

Harth is owned by Henrietta Thompson and Edward Padmore.  The couple established the company based on their own experiences of buying new items for their home and storing items that they still loved but did not want to part with.   I think the majority of us can relate to this.  For instance, last year it took me 5 days just to clear out the loft in our house, ready for shipping overseas.  I was faced with a dilemma.  We could pay for the shipping of our furniture or pay to put it into storage and buy new.  However, this great opportunity of hiring furniture is a great new alternative and a much more sustainable approach to furnishing your home.  Harth have a great philosophy on their website:

“own less stuff and surround yourself with things that inspire you”.

How it works

This can all be done from the ease of your home, by logging onto Harth’s website and completing the necessary registration details.  You can surf Harth’s collection of furniture, accessories, lighting and artwork; and then request the items you want to hire and for how long.  Delivery is provided by the company, making it less stressful for you.  

Hiring furnishings is just one method of creatively re-designing your home. Making your home reflect who you truly are whilst giving friends and family something to talk about.  It is one method in reducing your carbon footprint whilst also preventing you from having that daunting task of sorting out and emptying those hidden away spaces within your home or work.

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