Sustainable Design: Create Meditative Space In The Shower (Interior Design)

Balancing work, family and home life can sometimes seem like an end-less task.  Occasionally, I wish I could just press pause and have some me time.  This can seem even more of a challenge during the COVID 19 pandemic.  Especially with working from home, home schooling and lockdown.   Escaping to that one space in the house, the shower, will always be an important time in our daily lives.  A place where you can shut the world out, creating your own sanctuary and meditative space.  Giving you solitude, peace, and emotional positivity, whilst rejuvenating you physically.

How To?

Ambient lighting creates a calm, meditative and relaxing space and will help you to let go and unwind from the life’s stresses and anxieties.  You can achieve this by combining different types of lighting, creating a layered lighting effect.  Just ask yourself, what will create that serine space for me?  For instance, the warm glow of natural day light creates a positive vibe.  Soya vegan candles creates a warming effect. Recessed warm glow light emitting diodes (LED) placed within the lower wall area of the shower creates a peaceful and serine environment.  Warm glow LED ceiling lights, but keep this to a minimum number, too many will make it too bright and less calming for the senses.  If you have a concealed shelf within the shower, you could install some warm glow LED concealed lighting. 

Wall Coverings

Using an array of sustainable wall coverings, you can create a serine and calming environment to promote your physical and mental wellbeing. Good examples of these materials include:  

  • Slate (grey and black tones).
  • Marble, soft earthy light tones (white marble may look too clinical).
  • Recycled glass tiles.
  • Pale to mid grey coloured cement walls is calming and can create a chilling vibe.
  • Ceramic tiles in organic light tones from a sustainable manufacturer.

Just ask yourself, which tones and textures will help you to relax and connect to your inner-self.

Floor Coverings

To maintain the positive flow of your meditation space, why not continue the wall coverings onto the floor.  What feels good under foot?  What material creates a warm and calming effect for you?  If you want to add some texture you could use a combination of 2 or more materials.  Another great idea is to use bamboo or a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood providing a link with nature.

Using volatile organic compounds (VOC) free products for the fixing of all floor and wall coverings.  This will promote a positive, toxic free and healthy environment.


Which shower?  Square, round, waterfall effect, this is down to your own individual preference.  Certain types of shower may be more relaxing for you.   Ask yourself, what is calming for you?  What will help you connect to your inner-self, promoting your mental and physical wellbeing?  Is it a soft rainforest shower head or a heavy flowing waterfall?


A seat made from either FSC or recycled wood will complement this space.  Or space permitting, a built-in seat comprising the same materials as the wall covering would be a great alternative.  This allows for those of us who need to, or just want to, sit down and enjoy the space.


Declutter your meditative space, sometimes it feels like the children are taking over with their toys.  What was once a place for adults to escape to, can soon become another children’s play area.  Create a space, which is minimalistic.  This could just be a couple of towels, shampoo and soap.  Add a plant or two. This will have a positive effect on your meditation space.


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To Conclude

Implementing the above ideas will help you to create that perfect meditation space, your happy place.  Where you can reconnect with yourself, mentally and physically, leaving you feeling grounded once again.  

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