Wallpaper Shop FAQs

Can I see samples of the wallpaper before I place my order?

We highly recommend that you purchase samples of the wallpaper before placing your final order. This is because the colours seen on your monitor may differ slightly from the actual colour of the wallpaper. Even things such as the lighting in your room can also affect the overall look.

What is a Batch Number? Why are they important?

Batch numbers indicate rolls that have been produced together. Rolls from the same batch should be hung together to avoid any roll-to-roll colour discrepancies. Batch numbers can be found on the label of our wallpaper rolls.

Are Rachel Fowler Interiors wallpapers suitable for bathrooms?


What happens if we ordered a few rolls and need more?

Because wallpapers are printed in batches, colours may vary slightly between each batch. Before ordering additional rolls, please either email us the original batch number or your date of purchase. This way, we can track the batch your wallpaper came from and match you additional rolls accordingly.

How to look after your wallpaper:

How to care for our wallpapers?

To ensure the longevity of your wallpapers, please follow the hanging instructions on the reverse of the wallpaper roll label or the special magnetic wallpaper hanging guide included in your parcel. To clean your wallpaper: the wallpaper is classed as the same as walls covered in textiles – to use the soft attachment of a vacuum cleaner only, for cleaning.

What should I do when I receive my wallpaper?

Important: please ensure that all of your wallpaper rolls have the same batch number on arrival. You must inspect your wallpaper for any faults or flaws upon receipt of your order and before hanging. Please let us know within 48 hours if there are any problems. We cannot be responsible for replacing any wallpaper that has been hung before inspection. If at any point you are unsure how to proceed, please contact us.