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Sustainable Residential Design

Rachel Fowler Interiors NYC Apartment Sustainable Residential Design
Sustainable – Modern – City Living – Minimalistic

Rachel Fowler Interiors Natural Sustainable Residential Design
Warm – Serene – Tranquil – Luxury – Harmonious

How can Design be Sustainable And Vegan Friendly?

I help clients in the United Kingdom and Germany design luxurious sustainable and animal-friendly interiors for their homes. The world of sustainable residential building design is poised to do great things. The guidance, information, materials and technology, while ever-evolving, are in place.

Why Choose Sustainable Design?

  • Optimize your home’s potential
  • The inclusion of environmentally preferred products (positive Life cycle).
  • Creating designs, which promote the health and wellbeing of you and your family.
  • Minimize non-renewable energy consumption.
  • Promoting sustainable living through conserving water and reducing energy requirements.
  • Designs, which enhance the internal air quality of your home.

Is Sustainable Affordable?

Sustainable development and architecture can lower annual operating costs for housing developers (Outreach Design). It can also lower these costs for homeowners, thus freeing up funds for other living expenses, savings or room to expand.

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Rachel Fowler Interiors Retro Bathroom
Fresh – Minimal – Chic – Trendy – Bright

Rachel Fowler Interiors Concrete Kitchen Sustainable Residential Design
Calm – Minimalistic – Simple – Elegant – Sustainable

Rachel Fowler Interiors Colonial Sustainable Residential Design
Colonial – Antique – Romantic – Elegant – Peaceful

Rachel Fowler Interiors Indochina Sustainable Residential Design
Indochina – Tranquil – Warm – Mystical

Rachel Fowler Interiors Red
Vibrant – Stylish – Exciting – Elegant – Passion

Rachel Fowler Interiors Serendipity
Happy – Joyful – Minimalistic – City Living