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Is This New A Sci-Fi Movie?

Orb, is this a new sci-fi movie. No.  Orb is a great new material created by Biohm in the United Kingdom.  This sustainable material is made from naturally bound organic waste, comprising food and agricultural waste.  According to Biohm, the waste is ‘processed and bound together using an organic binder’.  This then forms Orb sheet material.  Orb is a durable material and is ‘moisture resistant’.  This means that it will keep its shape.

Could this great new sustainable material be an alternative to wood, including, medium density fibre board (MDF) and oriented strand board (OSB)?   According to Biohm yes it could be.  MDF is an engineered wood, which comprises hard and soft wood fibres.  These fibres are combined with a resin and wax to create boards of MDF.  It must be noted that these resins can contain unhealthy components.  OSB is created using flattened layers of wood which are stuck together using adhesives.  Once again, these adhesives may contain chemicals.    

This creation of Orb and its composition is great news for our forests, protecting them from further deforestation.  What other positive effect can this material play in the design of the spaces we work and live in? Many traditional materials, still currently used within the design and build industry release unfavourable gases into the environment, having a negative effect not on just our health and wellbeing but that of the planet too.  However, Orb material composition means that there is no release of harmful gases during the lifecycle of the product.   Another great aspect of this new sustainable material is its permeable properties, allowing buildings to breath.  Therefore, reducing/preventing damp from appearing in the spaces we live and work in.

Orb is a great product, which focuses on the needs of not just the planet but on the health and wellbeing of all living things.  A product which converts left over food waste, to a material that can be used in the design world.  Therefore, reducing the volume of materials which would generally end up in landfills.  Click on this link for more information on Orb and Biohm.

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