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Interior Design FAQ

Frequently asked questions pertaining to Sustainable and Animal-Friendly interior design. If your question is not here on my Interior Design FAQ, please contact me and I will include and answer it.

What is sustainable design?

Sustainable design involves designing in a manner, which is not detrimental to the environment, socially and economically.  This includes considering the life cycle of all products involved with the design and build process from extraction (out of the ground); manufacturing processes; transportation; and the end life of a product (can it be re-used/recycled or is it bio-degradable). 

Sustainable design is also achieved by creating a circular economy.  What does this mean?   This is a new mindset, which is totally different from the previous linear model, where a product was just disposed of.  Circular economy as cited by the Eleanor McCarthy Foundation aims to ‘design out waste; keep products in use; and the regeneration of natural system’s’.

Why is sustainable design so important?

As identified above, sustainable design will help to illuminate the environment effects of traditional methods used in the architectural and interior design of homes, hotels and places of work.  Therefore, creating healthier spaces, which have a positive effect on the internal and external air quality.  However, it is not just about protecting the environment and promoting the health and wellbeing of all living species, but also supporting local communities by purchasing products locally. 

What is Vegan Design?

Looking for something new, which is animal friendly? Vegan design is evolving and refers to designing in a manner, which is cruelty free. For instance, including paints which are plant based, with no hidden animal products. There is now an array of vegan friendly products. Keep an eye on my blog posts for the latest product releases.

How can you make your home/ hotel/business sustainable and vegan friendly?

As identified above, selecting products, which are plant based (including furniture); can be reused or recycled; do not comprise harmful chemicals (this may take some digging, requiring you to contact the supplier directly); shopping locally; and selecting products, which will reduce your energy and water consumption.  These are just some of the many ways you can make your home or work more sustainable.  Follow my blog posts for more information.

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