Yokoso To Nature; Sustainable Wall Covering

We all want to try and create zen spaces to relax and chill out in.  Do you look at a space and think, how can I make this place look brighter; calming to the senses, whilst promoting your health and wellbeing?  One method to achieve this is by choosing an ornate, yet simple and natural style of wall covering, which contains no toxic materials. When it comes to wall coverings, there are an array of different types and styles available.  However, Glamora, an Italian wall coverings company, have just released this great new line of bespoke wall covering, GlamPure.  No, I am not on the payroll.  Why do I like it so much?  The wall coverings are sustainably made and vegan friendly.  The paper is based upon traditional Japanese methods of making paper (Washi).  Anything, which protects the environment and promotes a healthy living space has got to be great for interior design. 

What is it made of?  The wall coverings are made from “plant-based materials” that includes a mixture of new and recycled linen and cellulose.  The wallpaper contains no formaldehyde or heavy metals.  Therefore, the wall coverings have a positive lifecycle, whilst further promoting healthy spaces.  The wall coverings are 100% breathable and can help insulate a space.  Glamora also provides a special wallpaper adhesive for hanging the wallpaper, which is a water-based glue made from a methyl cellulose, and is non-toxic!  Unlike normal wallpaper adhesives, where you have to wipe any glue residue off the wallpaper, this glue evaporates when drying, leaving no marks.  It is advised for the wall coverings to be hung professionally. 

The wallpaper will help create peaceful and serine spaces.  How?  This is due to the colours and patterns used within the collection.  For instance, the combination of shadows and light promotes harmony and solace, whilst the earthy tones emanates calmness.  The wall coverings designs vary from plants to geometric patterns.  However, it’s not just the wallpaper which makes this such a unique product.  Why you may be asking?  The wall coverings come wrapped in a honeycombe kraft paper, which is 100% recyclable.  This is great news. Let’s hope other wallpaper suppliers follow suit.  The images below are some few examples of the new GlamPure collection, available from Glamora’s website.

Image provided By Glamora – Glampure Collection

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