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Sustainable Design Service

Designing for wellbeing, whilst protecting the needs of the planet

Welcome to the new age of interior design

Rachel Fowler Interior’s is a design studio operating from the United Kingdom and Northern Germany. Sustainable, healthy and humane design is at the heart of all our work. I design to promote your health and wellbeing both mentally and physically,

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Initial Interior design consultation of 1 hour, is free.

Complete Sustainable InteriorDesign Service (in person or online)

  • Design concept and mood boards (personalised to your every needs whether this be for the home or at work).
  • Sketches (hand drawn and rendered sketches, initial illustrations of the proposed design concept).)
  • Floorplans and elevation drawings (all drawn to scale, adjustable to your every need).
  • Lighting Design (using a layered lighting design approach, ensuring the correct ambience is created in each space.)
  • Visualisations – 3D rendered drawings.
  • Sourcing of all materials (sustainable and humane products all documented on a client specification sheet).
  • Finishing touches.

Sustainable Interior Design Advisory Service

Rachel Fowler Interiors we can help you to create the living and working spaces of your dreams. Advice and help can range from:

  • Formulating a design concept (I can help you to create sustainable and humane spaces which represent who you are or what your business stands for. Designs, which will fulfil your every need).
  • Colour (I offer a colour advice service, ensuring, one, your designs promote your health and wellbeing and two, will flow with all the spaces within your home or place of work).
  • Help and advice on selecting healthy and sustainable materials (For instance: Sustainable Wallpaper, Sustainable Wallpaper Paste, Animal Friendly Paints, Sustainable Flooring, Space Planning for health and wellbeing, Sustainable Furniture etc).
  • Biophilia design (let me help you reconnect with nature in the design of your homes and businesses ).
  • Lighting design (advice on design or products only, whatever you may require. Helping you to create that perfect ambience, whether this is for home orin the work place).

Sustainable Interior Design Consultancy Service​

Working with you and your business to create designs, which will promote you, your staff and potential client’s wellbeing whilst protecting the needs of the planet. This will include assessing your needs and how you can make your business more sustainable with the help of materials such as the Living Building Challenge, Well Building Standard and various design tools.

Let your clients see who your company really is, what it stands for and how it is committed to protecting the needs of the planet, whilst promoting the health and wellbeing of all those who use the spaces. As the Well Building Standard suggests:

“I provide a Michelin star service, capturing the needs of my clients and that of the planet too.  I will help you to live and work harmoniously and beautifully

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